barrAbout us

The company BARRECO GmbH is the service company founded in 2010 with the aim to develop a method that can renew barrels so they can be used again.

The target

The reconditioning of a Barrique barrel should need costs, which must be significantly lower than the acquisition cost of a new Barrique barrel. The quality of the reconditioned barrels should be as possible comparable to new barrels.

The reconditioning a used barrel should be done least once, but preferably twice. Besides the cost savings, the process must also effect on resource savings – oak wood.

The solution

In co-operation with high and ultra-high pressure technology company HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS GMBH first experiments have been carried out with a high-pressure water jet, with a wood surface was removed. These tests were carried out on the original staves and showed positive results.

In co-operation with WOOD-k-plus and the Federal Institute for Viticulture (Bundesamt für Weinbau, Eisenstadt) the optimal ablation depth was determined in numerous studies that ensures that no wine residues in the exposed wood surface were longer available and practically a wood typical barrel inner surface is available again.
The newly developed ablation process was supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).
A registered trade mark on the new processing method has been granted in the mean time.

The result

The new developed method significantly increases barrel inner surface. The increased surface area can be expected to shorten the mellowing period of the wine in the barrel. At the same time the oxygen permeation is increased by the reduced thickness stave and the complete opening of the wood pores. The applied toast method allows you to set and achieve the same toasting level over the entire barrel inner surface.

In two pilot experiments reconditioned oak barrels have been tested, and all results were excellent. Federal Institute of Viticulture, which was one of the testers published the results and described them as highly positive.